Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hey there fam! This has been a long week but not to bad!! Ha we have walked a lot because no one is freaking home! There is this huge fair thing here that we cant go to. But literally everyone is there! So literally no one on the streets lately! Ha kind of crappy! But other then that good! My feet are getting better! Because I know all of you want to know about how my feet are hah. But it is a process here! I am getting more used to it and semi getting the language! It is hard not to get frustrated sometimes but I am trying to keep a good attitude! So this week my testimony grew a lot because of the power of prayer. Like the past few weeks I have been kind of just praying for myself and to feel more comfortable and stuff. But I started praying for the gift of tongues and for help that me and my comp will find new investigators and such. And this week we had 4 people stop us and ask us about our religion and all 4 wanted to talk again! So that was really cool for me. And one of them just moved here and only speaks English! So we had a mini lesson on the side of the street! It was definitely a better week here! I love all of you alot!! BYE!

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