Monday, March 28, 2016

New Address

Here is Rhys' address:
Prolongación López Mateos # 98A, Col. Trojes de Alonso

He would LOVE letters. It takes 3 stamps!

Hey Ya'll! Rhys made is safely to Aguascalientes today! He is very overwhelmed, so please send prayers, happy thoughts, and good vibes in his direction. I'll let you know when we know his new P Day and address!

Hola everyone! I have made it safely to my destination! My area is in Aguascalientes I don't know the address yet so I am sorry! But yeah things are very overwhelming and scary! Ha I have no good Spanish and my new companion cant speak any English! He seems like a nice guy but yeah no English at all! I also found out that we have 3 lessons to teach tonight ha in like 30 minutes! So wish me luck!! It is crazy and I am filled with emotions so lets see how it goes! Ha my companion wants me to share scriptures and stuff tonight and I am honestly really nervous! Other then that today was just full of travel and such! I love all of you and hope your safe! Love Elder Vickers!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 5! (Last week in the CCM!)

Hey guys! It's Rhys' last update from the CCM! He is leaving on March 28th, so make sure you send him lots of letters while you can! We've been in contact with the group that delivers the letters, and they said they are working on a similar service to use out in the mission field to get the letters out to him sooner. I'll let everyone know the details on that when I get them. Also, we don't know where Rhys' first area will be, what his address will be, or when his new P Day will be, but I will post as soon as we hear from him!

Hola everyone! I am a little early today because we are going to the Temple in a few hours! Friday we got to listen to Elder Cook and it was awesome! I totally got to shake his hand after and it was super duper cool!!! I also only have like 4 days left here and I am pumped to leave!! Like really excited, haha. This week was fun. Yesterday I got to teach a girl that converted 9 months ago and she is planning on serving a mission soon! That is so cool!! Everything else is still boring, so hopefully next week I will have a lot of stories!! Love you all!

Picture by Hermana McKonkie (Hermana Mac for short) Rhys is Elder Bikers because In Mexico, Latinos pronounce the v as a b sound.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 4!

So unfortunately my picture thing isn’t working!! The computers here kind of suck so I am sorry! But yeah hello people! This week has felt short which is nice! Like I only have 11 days left here!!! I am pumped to leave! Ha this week we just kind of taught a lot! Nothing to special! I did have a good lesson with a person that has only been a member for like a year so that was cool! But guess what! Tomorrow we have a special devotional where Quentin L. Cook of the 12 will be speaking! I am like so pumped! For choir we are singing the EFY medley for him and it sounds so cool in Spanish! But yeah I am like super pumped for that!! Hopefully next week will be more exciting but there is not much to say about all the classes we take! So I love you all and hope you have a great week! I will try later to send pictures if I can!! BYE!

So this week was also kind of sad because our Latino roommates left! But we got to trade ties, which was cool too!! Ha, but also, I found out how to send pics!! So the case thing is for my Spanish scriptures and I thought it was like super cool! And the dudes are our roommates! Or were our roommates hah.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 3!

So this week has been kind of hectic! A lot of class work and not much time for anything else! Today we got to go outside the walls because we had to get our visa and such, kind of a drag but at least we got to leave. I love the CCM and all but I am so ready to leave! I love Sundays and P days but I am like done with classes! I wish interesting things have been happening but nothing to great so far! We didn’t have choir this week for some reason! Fast Sunday was good! I actually bore my testimony so it was nice! Hopefully this next week is a little more exciting because all we do here is class stuff! Maybe next week I will have stories!! 
 Love you all and have a great week!

Also, Rhys told me that he had to give a lesson to a member who only speaks Spanish, by himself, for 30 minutes! He said the man actually understood him and that is was pretty cool!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 2!

Hola everyone this week has been very crazy! I am on late because I actually got to go to the Mexico Ciudad Temple which was really awesome! I finally learned out to send pictures!! But yeah besides the temple this week has been pretty spiritual! WE have 2 Hermanas in our district and one has been very homesick so I talked to her about how I am attempting to get over my homesickness and she randomly asked me for a blessing! It was the first one I have every given but it was an awesome experience! The next morning our other Hermana felt like she needed on to and out of the 4 guys in the district she asked me! So this week I have given 2 blessings! We also got to teach real investigators which was scary but really awesome! We asked them to give the closing prayer and it was really powerful and awesome! Okay so about choir! I actually really enjoy it! This last week we sung a Child's Prayer in Spanish and it was awesome! You could definitely feel the spirit! Besides all of that awesome stuff everything else has just been work on learning the language!!  And please keep on sending letters! It is the highlight of my day usually so please do!
So about the pictures! The guy holding the Pokemon making the weird face is my companion! He is cool! And the dude in the blue tie in the classroom is from Kimberly Idaho and he was a really big help here in the CCM! 

Everything is going well and I love you all!

Mexico Ciudad Temple