Tuesday, July 5, 2016


So this week honestly was super long and sucky, but also really good! Sounds confusing! Well let me explain! Ha, everyday me and my comp help a guy get out of his wheelchair and into his car. Well he is kind of a bigger dude, and when I went to lift him, my back went out completely! So on Wednesday I went to the doctor and he said I had to rest and gave me medications and crap.. so this week, I literally just chilled with members and watched LDS movies and stuff.. but then on Saturday I was allowed to go to the baptism of my investigator and it was super awesome! Then yesterday he bore his testimony and it was really strong and really awesome! But yeah this week was long!! Love you guys

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So this week was my first week with my new comp! And yeah, I finally have a normal one! I have been waiting for that for over 4 months! It feels good! ha this week we had 7 investigators at church and they are all like super awesome! We baptize one this week! I am super excited! Then on the 9th we should have a baptism, and the 16th we should baptize a family of 4! So wish me luck, because this is the hardest times for investigators! But other then that, I got bored this week and I ate a pepper type thing and the people we saying it wasn't hot.. well they lied! It was SUPER hot, ha! So I learned not to listen to people here about hot things! Love you guys!!! Talk to you next week!

Monday, June 20, 2016


So this week we had a lot of firsts! First time having all of our investigators at church, and the first time I gave a blessing to someone in Spanish! SO this week was pretty good! On the 2nd of July I could possibly have 5 baptisms and maybe more later! So that's kind of cool! and then this Thursday there is this girl in our ward that is kind of suffering from depression and she asked me to give her a blessing! It was tough, but I think it went well! But then we had transfers and a lot of my friends left so that kind of sucked! I got a new companion and I have no idea how he is yet! So wish me luck this week! Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So this week was good! We had 4 investigators at the church which was good I guess, but my goal was to have 6.. so I was a little disappointing, but I guess it is okay! Other then that it rained like
crazy! But it sucked because in the mornings it would be hot as crap and then at night it would rain like crazy and no one would be in the streets! But other then that this week was just kind of slow! I love you guys!

The lady and the guy always give us free quesadillas and they are like the best I have ever tasted!

The original Monopoly squad!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


SO first off, it wont let me send pics I don't know why! *So I will send them to Taylor and she will put them on my blog! But this was a very busy week but better. We have 8 investigators now and 6 were at the church yesterday! We should have had 7 but one guy had other stuff and he was super sad he couldn't go! But one guy named Luis Lopez has gone to church twice and we teach him after church in the church. And he started off the lesson with asking us about baptism. So we kind of explained it and he straight up said that he wanted to get baptized! Then we taught 4 other investigators which is the family after and we invited them as well and they all said yes! So on July 2nd we should have 5 baptisms. And we teach another guy today and we are gonna try to commit him to the 9th of July! But yeah pretty good! Oh yeah I also found Pokemon cards. So me and another Elder bought some! Call me a nerd but I got hooked up with some dope cards! Ha! Love you guys! have a good week!

*He did not send me pics :(

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


So this week we taught a lot and walked a lot!! It was really hot and kind of really sucky! But it is hard because we have like 7 investigators but 6 of the 7 we can only meet once a week! So it is like really hard! But other then that, I really like P days here because we play monopoly with the other Elders in the district! Be proud of me because I won today! So yeah I am pretty awesome! I love you guys! Have a good week!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Hey guys! So first off, sorry for no pictures! I kind of forgot to bring my camera places!! So sorry! But yeah, this week was kind of super slow! It was really hot so no one was really home at all! So yeah, kind of a boring week! But I do have a cool story! We have this family and only the dad is a member and the mom and 3 children are all catholic, but are pretty interested in the church! Well they live like super duper far, so we have to have a member drive us to their house! And since they live far away, our lessons are usually longer! Well this last week we had one lesson with them for an hour and I talked so much more then my comp did. Like I don't speak Spanish but I just kind of went off and talked a ton! And they really seemed to like it! We will teach them again on Wednesday and I want to invite them to be baptized! Ha, so yeah, keep them in your prayers! Other than that, nothing too exciting! I love you guys! Have a good week!