Thursday, June 9, 2016


SO first off, it wont let me send pics I don't know why! *So I will send them to Taylor and she will put them on my blog! But this was a very busy week but better. We have 8 investigators now and 6 were at the church yesterday! We should have had 7 but one guy had other stuff and he was super sad he couldn't go! But one guy named Luis Lopez has gone to church twice and we teach him after church in the church. And he started off the lesson with asking us about baptism. So we kind of explained it and he straight up said that he wanted to get baptized! Then we taught 4 other investigators which is the family after and we invited them as well and they all said yes! So on July 2nd we should have 5 baptisms. And we teach another guy today and we are gonna try to commit him to the 9th of July! But yeah pretty good! Oh yeah I also found Pokemon cards. So me and another Elder bought some! Call me a nerd but I got hooked up with some dope cards! Ha! Love you guys! have a good week!

*He did not send me pics :(

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