Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 1!

Hey Everyone! Here are the email(s) from Rhys today. It sounds like he is working hard and having a great time. He said that he is loving all of the letters, so PLEASE keep them coming! It's a great resource to use while he's at the MTC (or CCM). I have the info in the post below, but let me know if you have any questions about how to do it. The email you send the letter to is, and include your name and Rhys' name.  Also, leave your email in the comments below if you want to receive emails from Rhys.
Hey everyone! It has been a week here and it has felt like a month!! The language is crazy!! We eat breakfast then study the language for an hour then have class for about 4 hours and our teacher speaks mostly Spanish so we have to kind of just go with it! Then lunch, then more study time for about an hour and then online study time ha and then gym. After that we study some more and go eat dinner! Then after that we have a 30 minute lesson to an investigator in Spanish! We have been here 8 days and we have taught 4 30 minutes lessons in Spanish, and we actually have another one tonight!! Kind of crazy! Besides that I have memorized over 100 basic core Spanish words, Moroni 10 4 through 5, the objective of a missionary, and the baptism invitation all in Spanish! Kind of crazy honestly! I would be lying if I didn’t say this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Homesickness is very real and almost took me off of my mission! But I know that this is where I should be and I am going to work! Ha to get my mind off stuff I have decided to join the choir! Just for fun! Everyone here is super nice and I am excited to see where I go from here! I hope everyone is safe and having a good time! Love you all!! Bye

Also I don’t know how to work this computer so I think pictures will come next week! And here in Mexico it isn’t called the MTC it is called the CCM! I love you all and hope you’re doing great!

Here again! Also please send letters!! They are the highlight of my day honestly! Ask my parents about the website but I do get them and I love them!! I have the most out of anyone and I want to continue with that! I have 21 in a week and it has been awesome and has really helped change my attitude!!

Sorry for the mass emails I am still getting used to this thing! I just want everyone to know that this is going to be an amazing experience and I am grateful for all of you that care enough to let me share it with you!

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