Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 2!

Hola everyone this week has been very crazy! I am on late because I actually got to go to the Mexico Ciudad Temple which was really awesome! I finally learned out to send pictures!! But yeah besides the temple this week has been pretty spiritual! WE have 2 Hermanas in our district and one has been very homesick so I talked to her about how I am attempting to get over my homesickness and she randomly asked me for a blessing! It was the first one I have every given but it was an awesome experience! The next morning our other Hermana felt like she needed on to and out of the 4 guys in the district she asked me! So this week I have given 2 blessings! We also got to teach real investigators which was scary but really awesome! We asked them to give the closing prayer and it was really powerful and awesome! Okay so about choir! I actually really enjoy it! This last week we sung a Child's Prayer in Spanish and it was awesome! You could definitely feel the spirit! Besides all of that awesome stuff everything else has just been work on learning the language!!  And please keep on sending letters! It is the highlight of my day usually so please do!
So about the pictures! The guy holding the Pokemon making the weird face is my companion! He is cool! And the dude in the blue tie in the classroom is from Kimberly Idaho and he was a really big help here in the CCM! 

Everything is going well and I love you all!

Mexico Ciudad Temple


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