Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 4!

So unfortunately my picture thing isn’t working!! The computers here kind of suck so I am sorry! But yeah hello people! This week has felt short which is nice! Like I only have 11 days left here!!! I am pumped to leave! Ha this week we just kind of taught a lot! Nothing to special! I did have a good lesson with a person that has only been a member for like a year so that was cool! But guess what! Tomorrow we have a special devotional where Quentin L. Cook of the 12 will be speaking! I am like so pumped! For choir we are singing the EFY medley for him and it sounds so cool in Spanish! But yeah I am like super pumped for that!! Hopefully next week will be more exciting but there is not much to say about all the classes we take! So I love you all and hope you have a great week! I will try later to send pictures if I can!! BYE!

So this week was also kind of sad because our Latino roommates left! But we got to trade ties, which was cool too!! Ha, but also, I found out how to send pics!! So the case thing is for my Spanish scriptures and I thought it was like super cool! And the dudes are our roommates! Or were our roommates hah.

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