Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 5! (Last week in the CCM!)

Hey guys! It's Rhys' last update from the CCM! He is leaving on March 28th, so make sure you send him lots of letters while you can! We've been in contact with the group that delivers the letters, and they said they are working on a similar service to use out in the mission field to get the letters out to him sooner. I'll let everyone know the details on that when I get them. Also, we don't know where Rhys' first area will be, what his address will be, or when his new P Day will be, but I will post as soon as we hear from him!

Hola everyone! I am a little early today because we are going to the Temple in a few hours! Friday we got to listen to Elder Cook and it was awesome! I totally got to shake his hand after and it was super duper cool!!! I also only have like 4 days left here and I am pumped to leave!! Like really excited, haha. This week was fun. Yesterday I got to teach a girl that converted 9 months ago and she is planning on serving a mission soon! That is so cool!! Everything else is still boring, so hopefully next week I will have a lot of stories!! Love you all!

Picture by Hermana McKonkie (Hermana Mac for short) Rhys is Elder Bikers because In Mexico, Latinos pronounce the v as a b sound.

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